Since 1931, we have provided respite for members of congress and business people extolling bipartisan friendships to foster solutions to our most serious problems.

Our Mission

To support, defend, and advance the fundamental principles of government enunciated by Thomas Jefferson.

To provide bipartisan events both local to Washington as well as a nearby retreat where members may assemble, relax, and discuss and promote Jeffersonian philosophies to the end they may become controlling in Federal and State Governments.

To encourage civil discourse for a better America, to foster national unity by supporting bipartisan principles of democracy espoused by our founding fathers, and to provide a congenial setting conducive to philosophical discussions while also protecting and restoring natural resources in the lower Potomac watershed.

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This is the best opportunity in town to talk with Members informally.
— Charlie Fritts, Sr. Dir. Fed. Govt Appairs, Biotechnology Industry Organization

Major Events and Progress

  • There are over 60 Jefferson Islands Club members
  • Events regularly draw over from 30 to 50 members of congress from both sides of the aisle
  • Recent island upgrades ensure the longevity of the club for decades to come